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Dentures are false teeth attached to a removable dental device, which is given to a patient to overcome the problem of missing teeth. They are artificial gums and teeth that are specifically made to support the teeth and surrounding tissue’s functioning. Permanent Dentures are customized as per an individual’s teeth impressions and help to completely restore oral functioning.

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Best performance in all perspective. Keep it up always & God bless you always Dr. Chyne & to all the staffs 👍🙏😊🤗😇

Kyrshan Bareh
Kyrshan Bareh


Wonderful experience with Floss dental clinic. Dr. P. C and the staff was always helpful and kind. Happy with the end results. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Elnathan Wahlang
Elnathan Wahlang


The best dental care I have ever experienced. I was very much anxious but they managed with so much patience. A very friendly and comfortable environment compared to the dental clinics I have been to.

Tapi Ampa
Tapi Ampa


This Dental Clinic is indeed great, The treatment is very professional, The Doctor and the assisting staff offer good hospitality, Thank you for your service, my teeth will remember you when ever I eat chicken

Petrus Buam
Petrus Buam


Very nice, kind & friendly staff....I did RCT and Flap Surgery, I would say they did it in ease, special thanks to Dr. Chyme & Dr. Kharbuli. The whole team is very cordial. Recommended for all those who want a beautiful smile 😊😊😊

Nilomoni Bori
Nilomoni Bori


The Dentist is very kind and friendly. She repaired my teeth with great care. The staff were very helpful. Wonderful team. Thankyou so much FlossDental.

Lop Stevenson Khonglah
Lop Stevenson Khonglah


When do you require Dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth attached to a prosthetic device, which is used to replace the missing teeth on either side of the mouth. They are an ideal solution to overcome extensive teeth loss and bridge the gap left behind by missing teeth.

Permanent Dentures are crucial in the below-mentioned scenarios;

  • Oral hygiene is not maintained
  • Gums are swollen, tender, red, or bleeding
  • The gap between the teeth is wider
  • Teeth are loose and shifting
  • Severe toothache
  • Suffering through extensive tooth loss
  • Trouble eating hard and chewy food items
  • Frequent indigestion problem

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We follow all Precautionary Protocols and ensure the waiting area, dental chair and used equipment are sterilized every often.

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We prioritize our patients’ requirements and suggest a treatment suitable as per their dental needs.

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Dentures are replaceable substitutes for missing teeth, which can be removed and placed as per need. They contain artificial teeth, which are similar to natural-looking teeth and comfortable to adjust. Dentures also support natural teeth functioning and surrounding hard and soft tissues. 

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